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If you are about to start an ecommerce store that sells perishable items (the ones that are easily available in Walmart, Target, etc) like bottled juices, candies, what are some of the growth hacks or strategies to start building customers?

  • JA

    Justin Adelson

    7 months ago #

    I think you need to separate yourself from the competition and provide some sort of value that the other retailers/eCommerce stores cannot. You pointed out the biggest challenge a new candy store will face: "...the ones that are easily available in Walmart, Target, etc." Your potential customers already have an option to get the products they want so you need to give them a reason to shop with you instead of going to a Walmart or Target. Taking a page from Halligan's Inbound Marketing book, creating unique content that speaks to a niche audience will help you get found - create content that speaks to your target market.

    I hope that helps!

    • UP

      Urvi Patel

      6 months ago #

      Thanks Justin. I am focusing on creating content surrounding the audience and making a content planner.

  • RB

    Robert Bausmert

    6 months ago #

    Most marketers will tell you not to compete on price, but from my experience being price competitive is more important in retail ecommerce than many like to admit. Do you have the margins to offer a lowest price guarantee? If yes, I would do it. Even better when combined with free, quick shipping.

    • UP

      Urvi Patel

      6 months ago #

      Thanks for your reply, Robert. Yes, our prices are competitive and we are also offering free shipping.

      I also agree that price is an important factor in making a purchase decision.

  • MM

    Megan Mosley

    6 months ago #

    You can have your happy customers help spread the word about you and get new customers that way. It might be worth your while to check out some referral marketing software. Another great option (that seems to work well with your type of store) may be implementing a loyalty program - that way you can get people to become regular shoppers.

    Here are some great loyalty software options: https://referralrock.com/blog/customer-loyalty-software-ideas/

    You may not even need to implement a loyalty or referral program. You might want to focus on how to ask for a referral. If your customers want to see your business succeed - they may refer you some of their friends if you just ask. Here is an article on how to ask for referrals https://referralrock.com/blog/how-to-ask-for-referrals/.

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