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  • PZ

    Piotr Zaniewicz

    over 3 years ago #

    Our biggest success comes from a combination of blog posts with distribution on Facebook groups. We write mainly about marketing and then we share it in startups, marketing or business related groups on FB. It generates us a lot of traffic and leads.

    Besides that - free webinars work well too. You can also record it and upload to your YouTube channel later. Or cut it into pieces and post smaller videos on Facebook and YouTube. Amazing reusability.

  • SA

    Shivankit Arora

    over 3 years ago #

    There are 4 inbound activities that always works wonders:
    1)Developing Content which is centered around adding tremendous value to people who consume that content.

    2)Promoting Your Content: Once you’ve built content that fits the right strategy engage in B2B industry forums, linkedIn group discussions and distribute content on third party platforms like LinkedIn Pulse, Slideshare, Quora blog posts etc. You may also talk to influencers and share the content on your own social media multiple times.

    3)Collect Contact Information: Once you start developing content and promoting it the right way, you will discover a steady flow of users accessing your content. Once people discover your content, put a hook on to them by getting their contact info.

    4)Nurture Your Leads

    Actually just recently I penned down my thoughts on inbound and outbound marketing in a blog. I think it will be useful to you: http://www.marketingmasala.com/b2b-lead-generation-strategies/