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Hey GH! We created Roomvine, an app which wants to connect people in real world settings (neighborhoods, venues and events). We are building a platform which would allow people at the same place to interact with each other, strike up conversations get help from the venue manager etc. For more details you can check out our site http://www.roomvine.com Although it has works amazingly in places (colleges, events, bars) where we have had some on-the-ground activation, we are facing two issues: 1) We need to activate a minimum number of users in a small radius for it to be usable 2) We are bootstrapped and don't have a budget to spend on online or offline marketing. We wanted to get ideas on how we could hack through this issue in a cost-free way to grow communities so that initial users have a meaningful experience of interacting with their surroundings. *Fingers crossed* Thanks for your help :)

  • AC

    Arpit C

    almost 5 years ago #

    You can consider tying up with coworking spaces in areas where the app is available, it can give you a huge boost if you manage to get the spaces to use Roomvine for their community management. We at nwook.com are planning to use Spaces, the new app by Google, although most existing spaces use Slack!

    Even day care services can be brought onto your app to enable parents to interact with one another.

    • SN

      Sameer Noorani

      almost 5 years ago #

      Thanks Arpit. We are indeed trying to identify communities, apartments and neighborhoods to activate. Our thought is that, if the management of the venue agrees, we put up a standee or sign at the entrance to get their tenants to checkin when they come in. Any other "activation" ideas to get a higher number of ppl checking in? Also - Would you bee interested in trying it out at nwook?