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  • MK

    Muhammad Saad Khan

    about 4 years ago #

    Reddit is a community. You need to be a community member to market your brand on Reddit.

    1. Choose your subreddits carefully (Keep your product's subject in mind).
    2. Subscribe to the subreddits to receive post updates in your email. This will help you to discover newest updates timely.
    3. Answer the questions wisely. Solve problems. Give value.
    4. Post links to valuable external content.
    5. Post links to your content (always share the best of the best with only 1 CTA).
    6. Create questions on subreddits for content curation. Credit the contributors and share it the subreddit.
    7. Use Reddit Alerts to get keyword alerts.
    8. For product launches, write a detailed story, bold the headlines, use specific subreddits like /r/startups /r/Entrepreneur/.

  • RS

    Rinki Sharma

    almost 4 years ago #

    As far as reddit is concerned, I would like to suggest some of the post to read out, which clarifies the basic points that you have to follow while working on reddit , so that you are not a shadowbanned user.

    Here are the links:-

    http://findnerd.com/search/index?searchOption=t&q=reddit Here you can see various blogs related to reddit like how to increase comment karma on reddit, how to avoid shadowbanning etc.

    hope this help you!

  • MM

    Michal Mazurek

    3 months ago #

    Remember the main lesson from How to Win Friends and Influence People: everybody wants to feel important.

    On a programming subreddit some will get the feeling of importance by asking questions and having someone fix their problems, while others can show how smart they are by giving a detailed solution. Links to your blog will taste foul there.

    On a photography subreddit some will feel good by having others look at their creations, while others will tell them how overexposed the photo is and how to improve the sharpness. Again, you can't really sell much in a place like that.

    The marketer community is different, and it’s possible to get that feeling by being the judge of other people’s efforts.

    It really depends on the subreddit. That's the theory.

    But one easy, no-brainer tip is to just monitor for mentions of your product. You can use Syften (https://syften.com) for that.