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I'm familiar with the viral waitlist method and the product update newsletter, but how else should you engage with this list? Do nothing? Bring them into beta groups?

  • BS

    Bhaskar Sarma

    about 4 years ago #

    I recommend you test emailing every day.

    Not only about your product, but about the pain points that your product seeks to address,among other things.

    Begin with curiosity generating headlines, and then tell a story in this email. Use open loops so that people look forward to the next email. Don't make the emails dull or boring, EVER.

    Most importantly, don't end the emails without a call to action. One of the calls to action that work well is asking people a straight question.

    When you follow this email strategy and hit all the checkboxes you will begin to see a group of highly engaged people separating themselves from the rest of your list. Take care of them, give them privileged early access, and nurture them- they will be your first evangelists.

    This is not a sexy strategy but it delivers results, mainly because you build a familiarity with your audience. Your sales message can be repeated in different ways and the audience will subconsciously incorporate it. Create a habit of getting them to read your emails daily, and odds are that your daily active users will also be substantial.

    Your email list might see more unsubscribes but I would take a small and highly engaged list over a massive but apathetic list anyday.

  • RH

    Robert Hopman

    about 4 years ago #

    What about inviting them to a closed (secret!!!?) facebook group?
    You can share additional:
    - information
    - pictures
    - videos