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I'm currently marketing DemandUtah.com and I'd love to learn about tips, tricks, and hacks on how to market a local event

  • JS

    Joel Samuel

    over 1 year ago #

    Promoting the event page on FB would be an ideal way to reach a huge audience. FB is also very cost effective a long with a huge outreach.

  • SR

    Sandra Rand

    over 1 year ago #

    Collaborate with any/all business groups and marketing groups in the area in order to get access to their email lists. Offer their audiences custom coupon codes for 10% off when they register.

    If you have a solid email list yourself, upload them as Custom Audiences and run targeted ads to Lookalikes within a certain zip code radius. Small volume but might expose the event to new people.

    • CC

      Chris Collinsworth

      over 1 year ago #

      Thanks for the insight, Sandra. Haven't considered running ads at our email list due to volume, but this might be something we should revisit. Thanks!

  • MC

    Marco Cardillo

    over 1 year ago #

    I send traffic (through ads, newsletters, etc.) to a landing page. On this landing page people can find all info about the event and they can subscribe to receive updates in the next days (just the email is needed to subscribe). After they subscribe, a small workflow is triggered: the workflow reminds them about the event and offers some special discounts and free content related to the event's topic...

  • WC

    Wojciech Czajkowski

    over 1 year ago #

    Hey Chris,

    1. If this is a local event, besides FB ads with custom audiences from your e-mail list or geolocation I recommend try to go hard in local old school way. Ask yourself where is your event audience/ attendees. Maybe it is worth to move action in local barber shop, software developing agency, business chamber etc (depending on the type of event) and pass the info there.

    2. Try to reach influencer, someone well known locally - give him/her something special, unique

    3. Instagram could be your good weapon - pre-lunch multiple posts per day from city/area where event will be host + local #.

    I think that in order to get better advice, you need to say something more about this event.

    A lot of interesting tips you can find on the https://blog.meetingapplication.com, I used their apps for organizing events.

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