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I am looking for tools or services that will help me setup and monitor my affiliate program. Have you tried and got good results with any tool/service before?

  • YK

    Yannis Karagiannidis

    10 months ago #

    What exactly do you want to measure? That would help us suggest something to you

    • RB

      Raj Bhatt

      10 months ago #

      Traffic and goal conversions on website.

      • MS

        Martijn Scheijbeler

        10 months ago #

        I do agree with Yannis in this case, if you just want to measure the impact of affiliate marketing you probably want to find a great way with either a third party affiliate network or within your own setup to tag that specific traffic (via UTM tracking or something else. If you can use these identifiers it's usually best to go with your favorite web analytics tool like Google Analytics, Adobe, Clicky, etc..

        If you want to do something more advanced and for example want to deeplink users into your app/tool then you might want to look into using a tool link Branch.io (https://branch.io/).

      • YK

        Yannis Karagiannidis

        10 months ago #

        Google analytics.

  • AC

    Amol Chavan

    9 months ago #

    Try viglink.com

  • ZL

    Zoltan Laczo

    5 months ago #

    If you need a more advanced solution than just checking the source in GA and you want to be able to track and manage your affiliate program, you will need an affiliate tracking software like HasOffers (https://www.hasoffers.com) or Cake (http://getcake.com).

    These tools offer the ability to track and manage your own publisher relationships. It also enables clients to manage campaigns, creatives, invoices, payouts and analysing results.

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