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We want to invite you to a growth hacking experiment and introduce you to Mink and see if we can grow it together with the GH community.

Mink is a revolutionary platform that provides insight into your team, organization or business. It will increase productivity, improve morale, celebrate successes and improve retention. Mink will monitor and sample your team with easy to setup surveys that keep them engaged, happy and successful.

Check out our demo video https://mink.io/blog/wtf-is-mink/

We want to invite the GH community to be a part of our 'open growth team' that will help us launch Mink to the world. We want the best growth ideas out there and we know this is the place to do it. We are partnering with GrowthHackers.com and using the new Projects feature to manage our process.

Every idea is going to be open and public. Meaning anyone will have access to the ideas we create, how we test those ideas and how we measure them.

So how can you be a part of this?

1. Sign up for GrowthHackers

2. Leave a comment on this post with your email, a link to your Linkedin profile and some brief words on why you want to help (if you want).

We will add select people into our project for Mink, and those people will be able to help us add growth ideas. From there will test the ideas and document the process for all to see. We will award the winner of the most effective growth idea/hack with a USB Missile launcher so you can bomb your co workers.

So sign up and benefit from working with other smart, talented minds as we test and hack to see the most effective ways to grow a user base.

Good luck! and see you on the inside.

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