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Hey there!

We launched this side project (http://www.robinhoodstartupevents.com/growth-marketing-conference/), where we give away tickets from awesome startup marketing events. Currently we're running a campaign for next week's Growth Marketing Conference.

How would you validate this idea?

  • AK

    Alexander Kehaya

    about 4 years ago #

    What specifically are you trying to test? Are you trying to see if people will give you their email address for the chance to win a free ticket to the conference?

  • GV

    George Vasiliadis

    about 4 years ago #

    Hey there Alexander,

    Our main product is Viral Loops (https://viral-loops.com/) which is an all in one solution to launch referral & viral campaigns such as giveaways, referral programs, pre-launch campaigns etc.

    We wanted to build this side project in order to give value to our target audience which is marketers and startup founders. So the value is free tickets to startup events and of course we're using our own tool to give them away it.

    Do you think this is clear enough? :blush: