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  • CS

    Claudia Słowik

    over 4 years ago #

    First of all, think about your target group(s). Notice that in this very case, the end users of your product may not be the only people you need to reach. For instance, when planning our strategy for SaaS Manager (www.saasmgr.com), which is a tool for software developers working on SaaS apps, we focused not only on reaching those developers but also on reaching startups and companies which can benefit from using our platform.
    Once you know your target group(s), make a list of the places they hang out. Like @flexhelp said, for the developers, this will be portals like Stack Overflow, GitHub etc. For the startups: Facebook groups, Quora etc. For both groups: monitor some keywords related to your product and get into discussions.
    Also, try to get covered by media. Take small steps. Find journalists who cover topics related to your product and interact with them before you decide to pitch your product. Comment their articles, ask questions, discuss the topics they are interested in. Come to know as a person with knowledge in your field. Find them on Twitter and LinkedIn, retweet/recommend their articles and tweets, comment, talk to them.
    Last one from me, try to be present at tech events: summits, conferences, meetups and TALK TO PEOPLE THERE (some good advice on how to make most out of this kind of events: https://goo.gl/3QnKcE).
    Good luck!

  • VM

    vivek muralee

    over 4 years ago #

    One good thing is that you already know who your target audience is. So, you should naturally try to advertise in the places where most software developers hang out. Some examples are stackOverflow, gitHub,etc. You can target these people through a targeted facebook campaign by selecting them as custom audience. You can also start a few adwords campaigns by targeting specific long tail keywords. One more effective method would be to interact with a few influential developers on twitter. Once they really like your product, they will give you free publicity by word-of-mouth, which is by far the most effective way to get leads.
    All the best.