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Udemy just announced they are changing their pricing structure. All courses will be priced $20-50. Is this now an opportunity to sell an entry level course to draw in customers for high-end offers on your own platform? 

  • AC

    Alex Curtis

    over 4 years ago #

    As someone who has been involved with the Udemy community for a while, i think this is actually a good change. Udemy has in a way cannabalized their pricing for quite some time, by constantly putting products on sale for ridiculously low prices. So for example, you can have a $100 course on Udemy, but most people won't pay $100 for it. Udemy will constantly put the product on sale for as low as $10 and that is when you will get 90% of your sales is when the course is on promo anyway. As a customer I knew this too, and could easily wait to pick up $400 courses for $10-$20 easily as they went on sale so frequently.

    So in a way, as a udemy instructor you had to work hard to find other ways to monetize the content in addition to the money coming in from the course directly. It will be interesting to see how this changes their promotions model, which in my opinion was insane before.

    Of course, yes you can opt out of promotions in Udemy, however this would yield almost no sales and just like with any system that has a built in SEO-like system for searching within the platform, having sales, reviews, etc help boost the potential for higher search rankings within the Udemy system and therefore more sales. So while your competitive courses are available as promos, you had to basically do the same thing to compete.

    • SH

      Scott Herren

      over 4 years ago #

      I think you're correct. There's no incentive for users to spend on the high dollar courses because they will eventually come on sale and I can buy five or more for the same or even much less than one at list price.

      Instructors have to get creative in getting sales outside the site-wide sales.

      A few of the courses can be lack luster and I would feel worse about that if they were purchased at the list price. I bet Udemy is wrangling in the courses that have been priced out of reach for many of their best customers so they can see a higher overall conversion, instead of relying on these mega (90%+) sales to drive all the transactions.

      • TP

        Tyler Poole

        over 4 years ago #

        Thanks for your responses!

        I ended up asking a few established Udemy sellers and wrote an article about it... if you're interested I've submitted it on my profile!

  • SS

    Saulo Segurado

    over 4 years ago #

    Hey, Tyler!

    You'll have to test it.

    But my guest is yes, you can use this new pricing to make "tripwire offers" that can optimize your sales funnel and increase the convertion of your core products and profit maximizers.

    All the best!