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Hi all, Good morning! We have added a landing page for an eBook in the Resources section as well as on the homepage banner. http://www.intelliverse.com/resources/index.shtml http://www.intelliverse.com/ Same landing page in both the places and one common goal destination page. So, now how to track the goal completions from both the sources whether it is from Resources or homepage? I am aware of using tracking codes. But not sure how to track one destination (thank you) page from different sources. Is anybody out there to help me?

  • KH

    Ken Hanson

    about 3 years ago #

    I'm not a GA wizard and am making an assumption when you say "goal completions" that you're talking about GA. That said, would something as simple as "Goal Flow" help you?



    There's a longer process useful for lots and lots of different sources and mediums where you set up a custom dashboard. Really good instructions for it here: https://moz.com/community/q/google-analytics-goals-by-source-report#reply_319979

    The below would require each CTA to have your source/medium setup on the CTA links.

    From the dashboard article:

    > Go to dashboards > new dashboard - and then add a new widget.

    > Select the table option. For your "Display the following columns:" select:

    > Source/Medium for the dimension

    > For the first metric, type in "goal" in the search bar, it will then list all of the GA goals in the account and the different options you can show. For the first metric column I like to use "Goal X Completions". And for the second column I like to use "Goal X Conversion Rate"

    > Save the widget and you should now see each goals conversions and conversion rate by source/medium (you can change that to just source or medium if you prefer).

    > Duplicate the widget and change the goal metrics to each goal that you'd like to track.

    > At the end you should have a dashboard that shows you all of the goals by channel in one view and click. A bit of work to set up, but definitely the quickest way to check back in later.


    Finally, I'd like to plug Mixpanel (or any other event-based analytics, even GA can do events). My experience is with Mixpanel, and it's dead simple to take "Homepage eBook CTA" event and use it as the top of a funnel to "Page View: Thank You". The only drawback is that it requires a dev or someone savvy with Javascript / HTML. That's most folks these days I think though.

  • JM

    John Miller

    about 3 years ago #

    @kenhanson04 that was excellent answer. I appreciate your time sparing in giving the useful answer. Thanks alot. Have a great day ahead.