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I’m currently looking for a analytics tool that will track/report where a user came from when they later convert to a paying user.

Here’s the general flow of a user of my saas web app.

- User comes to our www.saas_app.com (Tool needs to capture referring source)

- Signs up for a free trial. (At which point we gain their email address and an account_id)

- User navigates to their account at account_name.saas_app.com and at some point hopefully add their payment details.

Can anyone recommend a tool which will then allow me to generate a report showing where the user originally came from?




  • TM

    Tomi Mester

    over 4 years ago #

    hey Scott,

    you actually can do this with Google Analytics, but except some issues with accuracy as it's a cookie based solution.

    If you can get the email address of the users' at the first visit, Mixpanel could be a good solution as it connects user data directly to the users' email addresses.

    But I usually suggest to use your own tracking scripts and build your own data log, if you have your resources for that.


  • VB

    Vipul Bansal

    over 4 years ago #

    Hi Scott! Google Analytics is actually the tool you must be using for this. As Tomi suggests, there are some data accuracy issues with GA but it does solve your problem.

    Here is what you can do:

    1. The Acquisition tab in GA would help you get the referring source for your traffic. The best thing is that you can go deeper into the data by using segmentation and filters.

    2. To monitor signups, you might want to have your developer implement a custom GA event which gets triggered on successful signup. Next go to GA and create a goal that tracks that event.

    3. GA events can also be used to track when the user inputs his/her payment details.

    Using secondary dimensions you can always track the source of any activity on your website.
    Let me know if this works.