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I've reported the page more than a few times and got friends to do the same, but no luck.

  • LG

    Leilani Graham-Laidlaw

    over 2 years ago #

    If you're serious... Ask for help via the business chat and keep those logs, and make sure to ask the Facebook rep if there are any other steps you can take if the person you talk to runs out of ideas. They can and will escalate it, but it will take time. (You may have to ask a few times, some reps are terrible and will shut it down.)

    Just reporting it won't do much but add it to a very long queue, asking in chat for other avenues gives you an actual case number and case manager who can do a lot more and push it to some of Facebook's more effective internal teams.

    Don't expect immediate results, it can be 6-8 weeks +, typically, to resolve. You may have to have to provide notarized ID and if it's a brand tied to a property, proof of ownership like your name on a letter/power bill/etc. (Maybe not, that's usually for claiming ownership of a page when, say, the only person with admin access was fired, but it is something they can request.)

    Also. The courts (likely) won't do anything until you have proof that you've tried to deal with it directly through Facebook/with the person, so keep screenshots and logs of all communications. It'd be worth messaging the page with a polite 'please take this down' just to say you tried. Explore all your avenues before bringing in a lawyer, there are other mechanisms between clicking that tiny 'report' button and lawyering up. If you haven't tried any of them a judge isn't going to have a lot of patience with you.

  • JA

    Justin Adelson

    over 2 years ago #

    Step One: Get a lawyer
    Step Two: Have said lawyer review your case and make sure that this person is doing something illegal.
    Step Three: If the lawyer does deem it as slander (or similar) have the lawyer send a cease and desist letter immediately (or similar).
    Step Four: If that person doesn't comply, you sue them. Make sure you drive home in their car when the trial is over.
    Step Five: Burn car, videotape it, and post it on your Facebook page.