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I already started to read about metrics and analytics, e-mail marketing and marketing content, SEO and so on.

But still, can't understand where do I have to practice and where I begin to grow my abillities.

  • ES

    Edward Stephens

    over 4 years ago #

    Hey Vlad,

    Thanks for your question - interesting question.

    One thing I would say about my understanding is - there is theoretical, technical and actual skills.

    At its most rudimentary level Growth Hacking is science. Where Growth Hackers get 'good' is when they combine science with creativity.

    The easiest place in my opinion to start (if you have no experience is social or content). Assuming limited data-science and coding knowledge.


    Because you can get started instantly. Post a piece of content to Medium/Linkedin/Twitter/Quora or build a presence on Instagram. Then watch the analytics.....get a feel for the action vs consequence of what you do and the response it gets and a feel for the channels and how they operate.

    For me this involved setting up two twitter accounts (one under my name, one under a moniker) and posting the same content to each with the same #'s everyday religiously since January 2015. I would say I understand twitter now pretty well i've also got more engagement off my 2,000 followers than my companies twitter (14,500) by an order of magnitude and get about 181k impressions/month and 7,000 profile visits. Now we all know Twitter is having issue.....

    The bottom line is get a presence online ....any presence and begin testing it. I conducted a similar foray into Quora - one well written response on a decent topic got me approximately 1.4k views in 7 days.

    Now you can start to investigate ancillary tools e.g. Buffer and Hootsuite for posting. Sniply for steering people back to your page etc etc.

    You get the idea.

    On the technical side - set up experiments and look at the mathematics behind it, start measuring stuff and check for simple correlations. Don't make the massive novice error of looking for causation - lots of people assume statistical significance.

    From a design point of view - collect a list of websites you like explore and understand the UX, note what you like/don't like - understand color theory and build up and understanding of design patterns and how you can guide your user.

    From a 'technical/coding perspective' i'm afraid I can't add much value here so i'm sure one of the kind members of the community will assist with that.

    • VC

      Vlad Calus

      over 4 years ago #

      Thank you, Edward!

      I think this is really a beginning. I thought about starting to do some test on my social media profiles on see how it will engage people, and compare the result, use different hashtags, and so on.

      Hopefully, before we launch our startup I will already have some results :)

      Thank you!

  • AA

    Anuj Adhiya

    over 4 years ago #