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Hi friends,

We’re super excited to announce a couple of improvements to GH.

First, we released Twitter log in! It’s been a frequently requested feature, and we're very excited to finally roll it out. Logging into GH is a one-click process now using Twitter login. You can connect your Twitter in the your GH account page (http://growthhackers.com/account).

Second, we’ve moved off our old shared hosting and onto some shiny new AWS servers complete with a new load balancer and better performance monitoring. It was a much needed upgrade and, though this week might be a bit shaky (sorry if you see any errors/bugs!), this new setup will provide us vastly improved infrastructure with which we're more prepared to handle traffic increases and spikes. We're also more prepared to resolve things like time-out errors.

If you have any questions/comments about either release, drop it in the comments below.

-Dylan and the GH Team