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Sean Ellis, Andy Johns and Tammy Camp are joining forces for a growth hacking panel at South by Southwest.

Growth Hacking. Whether you love the term, hate it, or never heard of it, when it comes to building businesses, it’s how new companies and ideas are creating breakout success. But what exactly is growth hacking and how does it work? Some of the leading growth experts will share their growth hacking secrets, including the strategies and techniques they’ve used to create companies worth billions.

You’ll learn how to go from great idea to a growing business with big time revenue. Along the way they’ll dispel common growth myths and share their favorite hacks for finding growth. Whether you’re a startup founder or a Fortune 500 marketer, you’ll learn what it takes to really drive exponential growth.

- See more at: http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/41411#sthash.l4e9oqpJ.dpuf

  • SE

    Sean Ellis

    almost 6 years ago #

    Really appreciate your votes on this. Andy Johns and Tammy Camp both have awesome track records of driving growth. This will be a great panel if we can make it happen. Thanks!

  • TC

    Tammy Camp

    almost 6 years ago #

    Howdy everyone, this has the potential to be an epic panel about everything you need to know about demand generation. We'd be so grateful for your votes!

  • ET

    Everette Taylor

    almost 6 years ago #

    This would be epic, and just huge for growth hacking in general. I think anyone with a vested interest in growth hacking should love to see this. The more mainstream growth hacking becomes only benefits us. It will create greater acceptance and more opportunities/jobs for those in the field currently and those who aspire to be. SXSW is a huge step forward, really hope everyone takes time to vote.

  • AA

    Anuj Adhiya

    almost 6 years ago #

    Will look forward to a live stream/recording of this.

  • AH

    Alex Harris

    almost 6 years ago #

    Thumbs up and added comment. Rock it!