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I'm excited to announce Qualaroo's new integration with Optimizely Audiences. Now you can use Qualaroo survey responses to personalize future website visits to serve more relevant and engaging experiences that improve conversion results.

Most pesonalization is done via clickstream data, but some things you just can't get from click information. With the new integration you can ask visitors questions about who they are and then put them into experiments in Optimizely. Mobify, a beta customer of the integration, did just that and saw big wins in clickthrough rates and time on site.

You can read more about it on the Qualaroo blog too: http://blog.qualaroo.com/qualaroo-optimizely-audiences-integration/

Have questions? We're here to answer in the thread.

  • MB

    Morgan Brown

    almost 5 years ago #

    If anyone has any questions about how this works feel free to drop them here. Really excited for this new launch.

    You can read more about the integration on Optiverse too: http://community.optimizely.com/t5/Integrations/Optimizely-and-Qualaroo/ba-p/2778

  • CS

    Chris Sanfilippo

    almost 5 years ago #

    This is awesome. Any idea on how you could personalize the experience targeting visitors that have already converted? I wonder if that could be accomplished with cookies, or if BlueKai would be a better option. Also the cookies wouldn't last very long so that may be another challenge.

  • LT

    Luke Thomas

    almost 5 years ago #

    This is pretty SWEET - what happens after I send you the snippet from Optimizely? How do I setup segmentation on the Qualaroo side?

    Also, I assume this is reading from the Qualaroo cookie? It would be super awesome to have a way to push these new attributes onto a User model so the data persists.

    (I'm assuming if the user visits via desktop and then comes back later, the segmentation won't work because the cookie isn't there.)

    • JM

      Jason Meresman

      almost 5 years ago #

      Hi Luke,

      Once you send Qualaroo the snippet from Optimizely, Qualaroo will instrument it in the Qualaroo back-end so that they can pass along to Optimizely the corresponding Audience for a given survey answer. Eventually Qualaroo will have a UI for configuring this.

      As far as setting up segmentation on the Qualaroo side, a user becomes part of a segment (or in this case, part of an Optimizely Audience) based on how they answer a Qualaroo survey. In other words, visitors self-segment themselves by responding to a survey.

      Here's a link to an article and starter video that explains how to use the integration.


      Qualaroo plans to eventually allow you to set a cookie value based on a survey answer, making a respondent's answer a persistent attribute that you can target on later.

      I think your assumption about visitors crossing between mobile and desktop is correct.

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