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Join us tomorrow, Thursday, June 4th at 9:30am PDT for this special AMA with Jon Miller, CEO & Co-Founder of Engagio.

Jon was the Co-Founder and VP Marketing for Marketo, a true B2B unicorn, he helped build the business to $150M revenue, 700+ employees, 4,000 customers, and a $1B+ IPO.

Jon served as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) from inception to May 2011 ($30M annual revenue run rate). Managed a 55-person team (marketers and sales development reps) and a $12.0 million budget. Architected Marketo’s revenue engine, driving up to 80% of pipeline.

Jon was named a Top 10 CMO for companies under $250M by The CMO Institute.

Now, Jon is CEO and Co-Founder of Engagio, an all-in-one account based marketing automation platform to engage accounts and deepen sales-and-marketing alignment.

Get your questions ready about growth, scaling sales and marketing, finding B2B success and building a unicorn!

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