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Brian is currently the VP of Growth at Hubspot.

He's been a co-founder of 4 companies in the past 10 years, 2 VC backed, 1 angel backed, 1 bootstrapped. 2 acquired, 1 shut down, 1 TBD.
He's also an Advisor/Consultant to Boundless, Namo Media (Acquired by Twitter), Gametime. Angel investor in Grabcad, Shareaholic, Helpscout.

Previously he was EIR at Trinity Ventures, Co-Founder/CMO at Boundless, Co-Founder/VP Product Marketing at Viximo (acquired by Tapjoy), Founder/CEO of Unique Production (acquired by multiple parties), Co-Founder/CEO of Celestine Inc (defunct).

He also holds the distinction of having the most upvoted video ever on Growthhackers!

He's primarily expressed his passion for growth through his concentration on the intersection of product and user/customer acquisition. But he's also fascinated with how to grow teams, processes, cultures, and most importantly people (including himself).

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