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I am launching a new mobile web site (mobile web only, no desktop). The site works on both iOS and Android. I have products to buy (on Search Page). From there user goes through a funnel of buying, similar to the one if they buy tickets or booking a hotel.

I am driving lots of traffic to the site from various sources (mostly CPC) to confirm my general use case and define my general user groups for the product im selling on the site as there are different types. Since the product is new - nobody heard about it - it is not as straight forward as selling, say, tickets. So I have to prime people landing on the site and explain general value prop and show the inventory of stuff I'm selling via mobile landers. Then redirect to search page with my products.

Everything is setup and ready to go, tracking, mixpanel, adwords, GA. So the question is - how should the mobile web page look like? I am struggling with its design. Do you have any examples of my specific use case (Ecommerce site mobile web landing pages)?

I can't seem to find any good mobile web examples. I am guessing you would suggest to make it a hypothesis and test what converts better. I would rather get a subject matter advice as I don't have that many $$ to spend on testing. Also my search page mostly has space allocated for products and there is little space for marketing stuff.

What did you experience that worked best in the past with products you worked on?

  • FR

    Francisco Rencoret

    almost 5 years ago #

    Hi tatiana,

    I believe there are 5 key elements your webpage should have.
    1. Unique selling proposition. You must show what differenciates your product from the other thousands profucts in the market. The headline and sub headlines are super important for this matter.
    2. The 'hero' shot. There must be a video or image that shows the product in the setting or context you want it to be used for .
    3. The benefits of buying your product. Try to briefly summarize the benefits of you product in bullet points so that it does not look tedious to the user; remember the landing page must be engaging for the user and easy to read.
    4. Social Proof. Who has already buy your product and what do they think about it? This helps the user convince himself about the decision he is about to take.
    5. The most important of all: Call to Action. People go in your website because you want them to take an specific action. Make that an easy action to take, show the CTA al least 2-3 times in the page and make the user clear that's the action to take.

    I would love to share more insights with you, feel free to contact me.

  • NJ

    Nick Julia

    almost 5 years ago #

    Hey Tatiana,

    First, I'm sorry but a mobile only website makes no sense.
    If we're talking about an app... that's one thing.
    A website, well, that's another.

    You don't see many mobile websites from big companies anymore because they're building responsive websites.
    One site, layout changes based on screen size.

    How your page should be built should largely be based on what conveys the benefits of your product best.
    Also how many products you're selling plays a role.

    Example: http://www.fiftythree.com/pencil
    Pencil. One product. Awesome site. Explains how it benefits me if I buy.
    And how it works. All with awesome pictures, drawing, product shots and a bit of text.

    Start looking for smaller ecommerce websites that are doing well.
    Figure out why. And how you can use the same strategies with your site.

    Layout is important sure.
    But more important is figuring out what your customer wants
    And the best way to give it to them.

    Good luck.

  • PP

    Priyank Patel

    almost 5 years ago #

    Guess you are looking for ideas over mobile app landing pages, mobile web site running on Android and iOS will be bit confusing :)

    See this one landing page that we developed for a marketplace https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hot_pocket&hl=en

    Let me know if you like