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Landing Page has high bounce rate which is in turn increasing the bounce rate of whole website on an average. As I've learnt that high bounce rate can effect the SERP Rankings negatively, I'm thinking of removing the GA code from the landing page. Please share your inputs.

  • ZH

    Zdeněk Hejl

    over 2 years ago #

    In short: There is no need to remove Google Analytics tag from landing page used to target AdWords ads.

    It is true that Google use some kind of "bounce rate metric" as one of its ranking signals. But Google doesn't use bounce rate metric from your Analytics account. Google search engine calculates its own version of bounce rate. Google measures how often people bounce back when they come from SERP to your site. And how long they stay on your site than they bounce back. Google uses these values to rate how your page matches to search query. Regardless if there is Analytics tag on specific page. Because it is too easy to manipulate bounce rate metric in your Analytics.

  • AS

    Anupam Saha

    over 2 years ago #

    If your concern is a negative impact on SERP rankings, then adding nonindex and nofollow tags will help...those tags will let Google know that these are pages which are not to be considered for indexing and hence SERP ranking.

  • AH

    Akshay Hodavdekar

    over 2 years ago #

    Never remove the Google Analytics tag from any page of your website. You can track pretty much everything via GA.

    Why would you want to remove GA from your landing page? AdWords is just a channel from where you are sending traffic to your site, but you want to see how that traffic is engaging & interacting with your site.

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