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Hey everyone! πŸ™Œ So, currently I'm creating marketing materials for my product ruttl. Since we're very close to the official launch, I need your help! πŸ™ I'm trying to run a research survey and identify which of these ruttl solutions resonates the most with potential users. That'll help me craft the most effective messaging strategy! Can you review my landing page at https://ruttl.com/ and comment one of the four choices in this survey P.S Please ensure that you review the website before voting If you wanna try out ruttl before answering this survey, I'll be happy to provide you with the early access! You can head over to app.ruttl.com and try it out! Which of these ruttl solutions is the most attractive to you? 1. ruttl turns hours of website reviewing manual work into few minutes! 2. The team collaborative platform of ruttl makes working with teams easier 3. ruttl allows you to organize your design feedback in clean way 4. With ruttl's features, re-coding and re-designing the website is a cakewalk! Thanks for helping out! Siddhita