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Refitting a bunch of websites lately and the discussion from a client inevitably becomes their love of a slideshow.

I've read the eulogy of the slideshow, how they are unimportant, etc, but I need to hear it again--should I be focusing people away from them?

The second side of that question is if you take away the information that is presented therein, is it gone, or do you try and refit it with scroll..

Which then requires the final question. If you increase the scroll and introduce really nice boxes and parallax and all sorts of clean design etiquette but you consistently look at hotjar heatmaps and know that people rarely scroll.. Then what?

I feel like there are different takes on the web. Some are from a usability, a design, and a real-world mapping. None of them seem to meet each other in the middle.

How are you handling the juxtapositions between these data sets; slideshows, information, and scroll?

  • DB

    Dale Broadhead

    over 2 years ago #

    Anything that's moving is a distraction. A distraction is taking users attention away from the pages objective, which should be getting users deeper into the site as quickly as possible.
    If the client is adamant on having something moving, test it against a static version and see which performs better for their business goals. Hint : It's usually always the static version :-)