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Hi marketers! I'm currently part of a software company that wants to be perceived as a product studio. Internally, since the beginning of the company we have been creating new products, however, for our clients we focused on developing software solutions or web/mobile apps. Right now, we want to be perceived as a product team that helps founders creating their products from the idea to the 1milionth user. But we are struggling to find the right deals because everyone sees us as a software company/agency/outsourcing partner. How would you approach this challenge? Would you work on repositioning the brand or would you create a new one that from day 1 is a product studio? Thanks for your advice

  • AN

    Alaa Nasser

    about 3 years ago #

    You have to think about creating a new business unit dedicated for this service, as it's a different segment of users.
    Try launching new name

  • KI

    Kevin Indig

    about 3 years ago #

    First, research how other product companies are positioning themselves. Look at their messaging, values, pricing, design,... the whole spiel. Then, find a way to distinguish yourself, but set yourself up but clearly communicate that you're a product company. Write it clearly on your website, business card, social accounts, etc. Create a blog article about your "change".

    • MF

      Maria João Ferreira

      about 3 years ago #

      Thanks Kevin!
      I already have some research ongoing, now I will try to talk with some people to get more feedback about this new brand.

  • NS

    Nishant Sharma

    about 3 years ago #

    Personally, I see this as a huge opportunity rather than a challenge. You can run an entire campaign putting out the message of your transformation from a software solutions company to product studio. You must create and promote a lot of content expressing your experiences, learning and your strengths as a product studio. This might not only help reposition yourself but also find you new clients.