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Looking to benchmark referral solutions to integrate on a web app (mobile web and desktop web). What's your take? Why? Also, if some of you have decided to go down the in-house path for referrals, would love hearing your hindsights.

  • MD

    Matt Dulski

    11 days ago #

    Check out Girafi.co. We've used it to drive referrals by offering small discout for our product. It worked great for promoting premium content.

  • PM

    Pedro Marzagão

    10 days ago #

    Hey Arsene, do you have any idea already of what are the mechanics for the referral program you want to use?

    You've got plenty where to choose from depending on what exactly would you be looking for. Just recently I've explored Gleam for instance to run contest based gamification.

  • AP

    Andrus Purde

    9 days ago #

    I've implemented an in-house solution twice. One of the companies is growing modestly and the in-house simple solution kind of works. In the second case, the company grew rapidly but share of users coming via the referral program declined in relative terms. One of the reasons was lack of a dedicated resource to manage the program, but the other reason was that at that scale it was very cumbersome to make quick tests and changes to the program technically. If I could go back in time, I would have gone with a referral platform such as Referral Saasquatch which I've heard good things about.

  • RK

    Ranjith Kumaran

    8 days ago #

    I'd check out gramercy.io on this. New company, but seems to be doing a much better job.

  • FM

    Fiona Martin-Muir

    4 days ago #

    Hi Arsene,

    I work at RewardStream (https://rewardstream.com/) and we run referral marketing programs that incentivize your customers to refer their friends to your business. We have easy-to-use templates that can either live on a microsite hosted by us, or right within your store. Feel free to reach out and we can chat more about whether we would be a good fit for what you're looking for!

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