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I want to optimise my site to increase user experience www.digitalmarketingpromotions.com Please share your ideas.

  • JA

    Justin Adelson

    about 3 years ago #

    Initial reaction:

    The homepage has way too much going on (above-the-fold). There are at least four CTAs and multiple animations, which makes things distracting.

    Carousel Slider
    1. It moves too quickly.
    2. When I hover over an item I lose the article description. Also, It is unclear where I need to click to view the article.

    Article Feed
    Some of the images are unclear; I thought the featured image for 2018 SEO Fundamentals was an advertisement.

    Category Pages
    Remove the carousel slider; some of those topics are not related to the category. It is also distracting.

    Your Adsense ad takes up the whole mobile browser; your logo is not mobile responsive. That being said, you mobile experience is almost better than the desktop experience.