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When planning an Analytics funnel & North Stars for the five growth levers for a marketplace business. Do you use measure the health of the business using two funnels (one for each side) or do you mix supply & demand metrics into the same funnel?

  • AD

    Ali Dinani

    almost 4 years ago #

    Stacked bar graphs are magical - they allow you to do these simultaneously. At CareGuide, our revenue comes from both supply & demand, so we generally track our health by watching the combined metrics on a daily basis. However, we break it down by supply vs. demand on a weekly basis.

  • CM

    Constant Meiring

    almost 4 years ago #

    What we're busy doing at the moment is having funnels (based on Pirate metrics) for each side of the marketplace, since the conversion funnel for each is fundamentally different, and we need to identify growth bottlenecks in the funnel for each side. Along with that, we're building an overall marketplace health dashboard that displays metrics that are core to the functioning of the platform. On the marketplace health we're not focusing so much on our north star metric, since it feels like that shows what you've been doing good, instead of what you should be doing next (which in my opinion is more important for sustained growth). Our growth is very regional, so we're playing around with looking at trends in the ratio between supply and demand per region to find a sweet spot that we should be working toward - if we find significant insights in this, it will likely become our north star metric on growth per region, helping us focus our efforts on the correct side of the marketplace.