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With more businesses realizing the value of content marketing, content distribution landscape is facing more competition than ever.
How do you ensure your content is visible to your target audience?

  • TC

    Tad Chef

    over 1 year ago #

    Very good question!

    I think the best single piece of advice I've heard or read was @backlinko's idea to reach out to people who might be interested before you actually create the content.

    That way people are involved in your process and feel connected to you and your work which makes them much more likely to distribute it.

    I've done that a few times before by crowdsourcing or linking out or pinging afterwards but the very thoughtful way he does it was new to me.

    It's really one of the very first steps during the preparation of an actual campaign.

    • VB

      Vipul Bansal

      over 1 year ago #

      Thanks, Tad.

      That's a good idea. We actually have a content piece created in a similar manner. We talked to 8 e-commerce business experts to understand how customer behavior will change in 2018.
      The report is performing well so far :)

      P.s. Feel free to share the question within your network. I just got an update from my content team that with more responses we can publish a blog post on this!

  • VC

    Vlad Calus

    over 1 year ago #

    I'd say it's about creating your own community of people interesting in it, joining all the relevant and important LinkedIn & Facebook groups, being active on marketing communities, sharing lists of people that are experts in the community, then engaging with them on social. Just my 0,02$

    • VB

      Vipul Bansal

      over 1 year ago #

      This. Here. Is a community.
      I asked a question and I got amazing answers from you guys :)
      However, on a different note, engaging with the community is a time-consuming task. Don't you think?
      When you are distributing content, sharing a single link within the community can look spammy!
      How do you make sure that doesn't happen?

  • FL

    Felix Langlet

    over 1 year ago #

    I completely agree with @vladcalus answer. If you look at what all the great content marketer does, it's really just having a community around them that a) support their work and b) spread the word, like the posts, comment and help to pour gasoline on the fire.

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