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  • AA

    Anuj Adhiya

    about 3 years ago #

    I'm wary of such services in general.
    There is no surety, as to how many users/ customers/qualified signups etc you might expect in X time frame and there is no 100% money back guarantee if whatever they do doesn't result in any meaningful traffic.

    But more than that, I'm confused as to the positioning of these services.

    If you're an early, bootstrapped startup, any money you have to spend, should be spent trying to understand if you have a product that solves a problem. Your main concern here is not press coverage.

    If you are not as early and are a little further along with a small base of passionate users, you are trying to get to product/market fit. Press coverage is not your main concern here either.
    [Side note: Its fair to assume that if you have users that love your product, they will talk about you to their friends and family. This is the best marketing possible at this stage as this helps move you towards product/market fit.]

    If you've found product/market fit, and are ready to scale, then yes, you're at the point where you're looking for press and PR and doing a "marketing launch". This involves more effort than simply submitting your startup to certain directories and having someone pitch your startup to a few publications.
    I recommend reading this post (and the discussion on GH) on what's actually involved here: https://growthhackers.com/articles/why-most-startups-dont-get-press/

    So I can't think of one stage in a startup's life cycle that you would use such services - they seem either unnecessary or inadequate based on which stage you're at.