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Hi all! I’m a senior in high school who’s looking to validate an idea I had for a web app that addresses the issue of having too many websites to check every day. I find myself refreshing the following sites daily: Google Analytics - number of site visitors Typeform - any new survey responses Twitter - mentions or new followers MailChimp - new email subscribers Etc. It’s really bothersome to keep all these tabs open and refresh them every day, so I thought of a solution to mitigate this problem: a unified website-monitoring dashboard that allows you to select real-time data from various sites and view them all on a single page in a clean, minimal UI. This would mean that you’d only have to check one website to know if you got any new signups, a spike in website traffic, a new message, etc. On a scale from 1 to 10 (with 10 being highly likely), would you spend $5/month on a web app like this, and if yes/no, why? If you have any feedback or questions regarding this idea, please let me know. Thanks!