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I'm working with a new B2B SaaS client and the client is very interested in Twitter ADs. Typically I've stuck to Google, Facebook, IG, Linkedin, and Youtube. Can't find much on Twitter Advertising benchmarks or cost and what I'm finding online is mixed or bias. Anyone with personal experience or anecdotes willing to give their two cents or any useful info?

  • LS

    Lisa Sicard

    10 months ago #

    I've used their Lite mode and wasn't that happy with it. I'm testing more now, the regular ads which I've used in the past and they worked well. I do get more from Twitter than Facebook, believe it or not!

    • MF

      Matthew Feldman

      10 months ago #

      Very insightful! Good to know. Do you find there is an optimal way to generate leads via Twitter? Was researching their advertising platforms yesterday and discovered they no longer offer Lead Generation cards. Any techniques unique to Twitter that are helpful in driving traffic?

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