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I'm looking for the number of times referral links for my app have been shared on social. I used to use a google script that would track the number of FB/Twitter shares for a link that would track the number of shares for a certain link, but it looks like both Twitter & Facebook have deprecated that part of their APIs. Is there another way to accomplish this? Free preferred, moderately comfortable coding to get this info.

  • MM

    Megan Mosley

    over 3 years ago #

    Are you using any sort of referral software? Typically, they provide you with referral analytics, and you can track how many times your referral link has been shared.

  • LP

    Laxman Papineni

    over 3 years ago #

    Yes, the easiest way is to generate a unique referral link for every user on your platform and for every social sharing channel (Messenger, FB, Twitter, Text, etc). This way you shall be able to track the user level and channel level analytics. Ex: Alex invited Robert using Messenger on 4th Jan 2017 and it resulted in 2 clicks, 1 app install, signup and purchase and more.

    Easiest way to have all this in place is to take help of a third party solution i.e well thought through and easy to use referral solution. Advantage of having a solution in place is, you'll more features to boost your referral campaign performance.

    Disclosure - I'm one of the founders at AppVirality.com - Easy to use referral marketing software for E-com and SaaS businesses.

    P.S - www.appvirality.com/blog/infographic-23-essentials-app-referral-program/

  • NM

    Noah Manion

    about 3 years ago #

    Came back to answer my own question. We were using google's link shortener API and they have analytics available.