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I had planned on using import.io to capture user data (emails) based on this post jhrzic.com/importio from Growtheverywhere and now I cant find a mailer service that will allow me to use their platform

I need and email solution platform that will allow me to upload a database of 500k-1mm niche emails acquire from using import.io api

  • JR

    Jordi Rosell

    over 2 years ago #

    Tgis is why they don't let you use it: https://www.import.io/resources/gdpr-and-pii-compliance/

  • KW

    Katie W

    over 2 years ago #

    Traditional email service providers and marketing automation tools do not allow you to import a purchased list. A dedicated email lead generation software like Clickback MAIL does. It cleans the list on import to remove spam traps, bad emails etc. It also uses its own IPs to send the campaign so your personal sender reputation is untouched. When it comes to sending B2B email marketing campaigns to a large third-party list, Clickback MAIL is hard to beat.