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Hi everyone, I run a wellbeing website called https://zenklub.com.br and the challenge we have is to create a landing page that converts well for paid traffic. We are happy with the looks of our homepage but we believe it is not the best to convert. Having that said, what tips do you have that will allow us to create reuse content from the homepage into a high converting landing page? PS: If you have tips to improve the current homepage, happy to hear those as well :)

  • SK

    Sean Kirby

    about 2 years ago #

    Why are you dictating that it reuse content from the home page? Why not just focus on creating effective landing pages that may or may not pick up parts of the home page? Notice that's pages, plural. You should have several dedicated landing pages for different audiences, offers, ads, etc.

    Start your landing pages by following through on the ad that directs people to the page. Use a similar headline or payoff something set up in the ad.

    Then quickly introduce a hook that's going to get people to read on and take an interest in your offering. Emotional appeals work well. So do use cases. But anything that piques interest and taps into reader motivations will work, too.

    From there, you should answer anticipated questions and overcome any objections that would stop someone from responding. For landing pages, this often includes providing social proof, listing out key features, etc. But remember, you're selling the offer, nit the product or service. Only include as much as you need to get people to convert on that particular step so that you don't overwhelm people.

    Finally, you'll want to limit friction (ex. unnecessary fields in a form, etc.) and nudge the reader with some sort of urgency if possible.

    I hope that helps.