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Recently we built a side product GlobalStory to address our friends' FAQ: how did you reach global audience? But press release has always been a "traditional way" of marketing which might not be very sexy. The effectiveness probably also depends on the target audience. Is there any interesting stories regarding the effectiveness of press release for your product (especially for the products target non-tech industries)? Would love to learn more from your experience and improve our product accordingly. Here's the link to GlobalStory: http://globalstory.co/ (feedback is welcome)

  • DM

    Drew Moffitt

    over 3 years ago #

    I would agree with the previous commenter (Vincent). Press is a good way of quickly getting brand awareness, but it needs to be earned (though this can simply mean a good pitch story). But in the long run, you should view press as a component to building your SEO/content marketing strategy. As you will be able to drastically improve your page rank from good press, but it will not continue to drive traffic in the long-term to your site. Here are some useful advice articles. Hope this helps.

    Getting Press Attention
    Driving SEO & Digital Marketing

  • CW

    Charlotte Waters

    almost 4 years ago #

    Yes media coverage is effective. It's third party endorsement of your key messages and as such drives customer interest. But it's not given away by the publications. Or if it is then they aren't publications that have any real influence. Media coverage needs to be earned by being newsworthy - same as any content really. A launch release is also tricky because of the volume that the media receive nowadays with start-ups popping up constantly. You need to rise above the noise with something that shows a customer need, evidences customer value and all round entices the journalist. Build relationships with key journalists, understand what they're interested in and then craft a story around that. A 'cold' press release will struggle to get noticed.

  • VR

    Vincent Rescigno

    almost 4 years ago #

    It can bring a lot of awareness and credibility to your platform. However, getting sales through it has low chances. Use it more as a way to celebrate and bring attention to your product. Most readers of the press release will be journalists looking for a story and interested in covering more about your topic. This could have a snowball affect and really give your product some traction.

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