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We have a successful app that we are currently promoting primarily through Facebook app install ads for IOS. The FB install ads for Android are not as cost effective for us.
We are considering porting the app to the Amazon App store and then buying ads on that platform.
Have any other readers done this? What kind of volume and Cost per Install are you seeing versus your other channels for Android installs?

  • MB

    Marco Burgin

    over 3 years ago #


    The Amazon App Store is currently a small market that currently lacks the enormous volumes seen on Google Play and iOS. But it has a lot of promise and offers significant opportunities for developers who focus in Europe/North America, who have tablet apps and who have a strong marketing team to take advantage of the friendly ASO environment.

    Avoids problem of device fragmentation with focus on Kindle

    Boasts an accessible and understandable system of App Store Optimisation

    Has an easier environment to negotiate feature spots within

    Monetises well in comparison to Google Play and stands up well to App Store revenues

    Less competition – 120,000 apps on Amazon vs over a million on iOS and Android


    Lower downloads than Google Play by a significant degree

    Low hardware sales figures limits audience

    Focused on tablet/Kindle market not smartphones

    Limited presence outside US/ Western Europe

    Amazon App Store Overview

    According to App Annie’s Amazon App Store stats, the Amazon App Store is currently home to a little over 120,000 apps. That number is obviously small in comparison to the million present on Google Play and the App Store but it shows a marked increase from the 50,000 available in September 2012.