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Hi folks, I'm redesigning the homepage. I've been looking at this thing for so long I think I'm going to go blind. I'd really appreciate some outside perspective: - Is there anything confusing? - Does it need more information? - Everything look alright? Please be ruthless and say whatever first comes to mind, I really want to know what's your first impression. :) The design: https://imgur.com/a/ynSwi?

  • JA

    Justin Adelson

    over 3 years ago #

    Immediate first impressions - from top to bottom:

    1. You repeat the same thing twice above-the-fold. "The only truly free time tracking software" and then right below it "Clockify is a free time tracking tool...".

    2. You are stating the obvious as well. If I am searching for time tracking software, I am going to expect that it will, "track time in one click. Then [I] can see where the time goes, increase productivity, and handle client billing better." You shouldn't have to say that it does that stuff - if your app didn't do that stuff I would say that you built a crappy time tracking app (see: "Please be ruthless" above).

    3. "Why use Clockify" portion seems pretty obvious as well - the only thing I think is worth mentioning is the "Know when it is time to raise your prices" section. Everything else seems like a "no-s#!t" reason to use your product.

    4. Features - Could probably be moved to its own page (see below).

    5. "What makes Clockify unique" should be the very first content block under your hero image. Let's be honest, a time-tracker does exactly what it sounds like it is supposed to do: track time. However, you keep repeating the same stuff over and over: it is free. You need to convince us why I should pick you over Toggl and Harvest - and "free" isn't going to do it.

    6. Testimonial - solid. Love it.

    7. Call-to-action at the bottom isn't a bad idea, but you should have another CTA somewhere between the part about your product is free and your product is free.

    Alright - I'll stop with the negativity. Here is what I'd recommend.

    1. Focus more on the benefits and less on the obvious. Instead of focusing a lot on your features, you should focus on your market's pain-points and how your product alleviates them. For example...
    Pain Point: I need to track my hours to make sure that I am being efficient, but we can't afford the time tracking products out there.
    Your pitch: Clockify helps you stay efficient so you drive the most revenue for your company. (<--- Crappy, do not use, only for example purposes).

    2. Simplify. Your competitor, Toggl, has three sections on their website: One hilarious video background, a straightforward value-proposition, and a testimonial section. You have six sections, which three could be merged or moved somewhere else.

    3. Needs more Pop! The homepage is kind of bland; although whitespace is good, I think there is too much of it. Take a look at Harvest's homepage and their features page. Their site is guided and has a lot of color. I would use both Toggl and Harvest as guides.

    I hope this feedback helps.

    • AO

      Aleksandar Olic

      over 3 years ago #

      Great teardown and feedback, thanks! I agree on everything. Here's my thinking:

      1. I kept thinking about benefits but everything is pretty obvious. It's just the nature of software. Will keep thinking though.
      2. I needed to repeat "free time tracking software" for SEO. Ditto for 6 sections when there could be 4. #compromises
      3. Yep, it does look bland. I love Harvest's feature page, the colors, and the overall design. We tried to go for clarity but it's a work in progress.

  • ST

    Stanley Tan

    over 3 years ago #

    Personally, I think the UI image used above the fold is becoming less effective because everyone is using it.

    Plus as a customer, I don't really care how the UI looks. What I want to see is how can this time tracking software help me and how it is different vs the rest.
    The hard part here is conveying all this into one image and use it above the fold.

    If you require the user to scroll down to learn more about your software, you've lost 80% of your visitors.

    • AO

      Aleksandar Olic

      over 3 years ago #

      Thanks for feedback!

      See, most people tell "show me product", you're the first one to disagree. I agree, the UI image doesn't matter that much but it's there for context.

      According to Nielsen Norman studies, people do scroll and the above-the-fold is just a myth (although they note that people scroll as long as they feel like they're on the right page and are engaged).

      Wondering, does "Why Use" part help you with the "how can this time tracking software help me"?

      • ST

        Stanley Tan

        about 3 years ago #

        I have seen a lot of products with the best UI and have failed. There are numerous studies that have the apps that can get the job done in the simplest and fastest way possible wins and UI isn't a major factor in a successful app.

        On the Nielsen study, you're 100% right. People do scroll if they are engaged. However, attention spans are getting shorter and this applies to web browsing as well. So if you can convey everything above the fold, I personally believe that will work wonders. It won't be easy. It will be a very VERY difficult task. Look at Slack.com.

        On the Why Use section, no it doesn't help me. Here's why. I know what a time tracking software does and I'm expecting it to work like a time tracking software. The section that attracted me is the "What makes Clockify unique". Why should I use Clockify? To me, free isn't a big selling proposition which you stated ATF. So this section is useful for me.