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I have seen an increase in my email open rates and click rates, without any real uplift in spam reports or unsubs in testing this. I also see other companies doing this. For example Chubbies Shorts changes their from name to "Dad" or "Shorts" or "we need to talk" (hilarious marketing campaigns BTW I suggest just signing up for their list for the amusement.) Implementing this on our side I wonder if this will get our ip dinged for spam as many articles out there suggest you keep the "from name" consistent. Thanks!

  • HQ

    Hila Qu

    about 4 years ago #

    Interesting question, Ryan. My personal opinion is that because everyone's email inbox is so crowded, companies do anything to capture your attention, for example you see more and more companies using emoji in email headline, we tried it at GrowthHackers as well.

    But I don't think change "from name" is a good idea, even though it might generate some temporary lift in open rate, but it won't be sustainable, and as you mentioned, has all the risk associated with it.

  • PV

    Philippe Vdhd

    about 4 years ago #

    Experimenting with the sender name can indeed be a viable way. Although I generally believe that being consistent with your sender name, so your subscribers instantly recognize you, is probably preferred.

    To be honest, I don't really know for sure but I think changing your from name shouldn't impact you ip being flagged as spam. As long as your subscribers aren't being fooled by your changing names and are not reading what they expected to read after opening it.

    On a higher level, I would like you to consider this though:

    Striving for higher email open rates is one thing, but in all honesty it's much more of a vanity metric. You could probably spend some more time on thinking about how to build a little bit more extra value with each email. (I'm very much guilty of the same, so this is a reminder for me as much as it is for everyone else)

    Looking at my own inbox, there are a handful of people whose emails I open EVERY SINGLE TIME. (I'm looking at you Ramit Sethi, John Forde, April Dunford and Joanna Wiebe) And every time I'm writing emails or thinking out a campaign, I try to think about these guys. The difference between them and all the other ones (trust me, I'm subscribed to a ton of lists) is that these have consistently built incredible value and once I see their names pop-up in my inbox, I instantly click regardless of the headline. Because I know it will be valuable.