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Been using Facebook for a couple years to acquire users for our app. Originally, it was the best. We could get users for $.30 - $.40 but now it has gotten more expensive. I am curious if there are any other channels worth exploring? Youtube? or Twitter? A little about us. We are niche hunting social network with some PRO tools that our users really love. We are a VERY young company. We started generating revenue last year and have about 3000 paying users. About 300K users in total. We are consumer-facing app built with the freemium model. We then have an in-app subscription purchase. Thanks for your help in advance.

  • JA

    Justin Adelson

    9 months ago #

    There are 20m - 25m monthly active Facebook users in the USA that are interested in Hunting; of that audience, 61% of them use Facebook online on their mobile device (~12m). You've captured 2.5% of that market as a user and .025% as a paid user. I/we do not know what your campaign(s) look like so I'll just shoot from the hip (pun intended).

    If you haven't already started doing re-engagement campaigns on Facebook, I would recommend trying to capture the 297,000 users that have not converted into a paid user. In my experience, re-engagement has been the best and cheapest source of paid users. I would also recommend increasing your geographical targeting to English speaking regions/countries where a hunting app could be used and supported.

    Regarding other channels, in my experience running multi-platform ad campaigns I have found that Facebook is great for targeting consumers (B2C) and Twitter is great for targeting businesses (B2B). According to Twitter, and I should mention I threw this together very quickly, there are about 140k - 210k Twitter users who have searched for "hunting" or have an interest in Hunting (Sports category). That is significantly smaller than Facebook.

    Your other options are YouTube (1.5B total - 750M mobile), Instagram (700M total), WhatsApp (1.2B), and Facebook Messenger (1.2B). YouTube looks like it would be the next best channel due to how many daily users it has but I can't comment on how many people can be targeted as a hunting enthusiast.

    Re: Facebook - I've had repeated success auditing existing campaigns and providing feedback on what can be improved or tested (or confirmed); I'd be happy to take a look at your data if you'd like an outsider to take a peek.

    I'll do that for you if you take care of the wild turkeys in my backyard. Quid pro quo.

    • SB

      Spencer Blanchard

      9 months ago #


      Thanks for the thoughtful and insightful response.

      Yes, we are using re-engagement and Instagram as a great channel for acquiring users. They are working wonders for us.

      We are just starting our youtube for mobile acquisition efforts. I'll definitely let you know how that goes.

      Thanks again!

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