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Predictable Revenue was first published in 2011. Since then so much has changed in terms of sales tech, processes, prospecting, etc. In a recent episode on the Predictable Revenue podcast, Phill Keene (Costello) shared his experience working with these strategies. Here's an article with a few highlights from the interview: http://predictablerevenue.com/blog/mapping-calls-101-how-costellos-phill-keene-uses-and-advances-predictable-revenue-methodologies-to-map-complex-organizations Is anyone here still using these sorts of tactics and how?

  • CO

    Chris Ortolano

    12 months ago #

    Hi Danny, good question, and like Growth Hackers, there is a world of Sales Hackers who have taken the original premise of Predictable Revenue and used to it to generate increase net new MRR, and renewal MRR. This movement is broadly known as Sales Development, aka Revenue Development, and there are hundreds of blogs, podcasts, and dozens of conferences. SalesHacker.com is a good place to start. Cheers.

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