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Hey everyone,

We are all in a difficult COVID-19 situation and many of us are struggling to continue and grow our businesses.

That's why I decided to make my contribution to the e-commerce world and made my own private Ecommerce Conversion Checklist with 108 guidelines available for all e-commerce owners, marketers, designers, CRO specialists.

I used that 108-point checklist to grow my own store and to grow successful 7-8 figure Shopify stores of my friends (we were able to increase the conversion rate at some stores to 5%)

This checklist contains:
- 35 product page guidelines
- 22 cart page guidelines
- 33 category pages guidelines
- 18 homepage guidelines

Each guideline has:
- Bad examples of implementation
- Good examples for inspiration
- Actionable recommendations for implementation with useful content for additional reading.

Is anyone interested in it?