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  • PC

    Pedro Clivati

    4 months ago #

    Hey @Abdulwahab.

    While some still look at growth hacking as randomly launching tests and experiments in every direction, we consider growth as the conscious and consistent ongoing process of validating hypotheses through experimentation, which is part of a larger strategy, aligned with company KPIs and expectations.

    To answer your question "What does managing the growth process mean":
    1) To make sure your actions are well aligned with your growth strategy (NSM and Objectives);
    2) To ensure team engagement on the ideation step of the process (gathering growth hypothesis, ideas);
    3) Better prioritize your tests accordingly with the progress made;
    4) Run weekly or bi-weekly growth meetings to gather results and realign the next sprint;
    5) Guarantee a frictionless collaboration between silos (product, marketing, sales, data, design, etc);
    6) Analyze test results and promote progress company-wide.

    Those are just some of the responsibilities a Growth Managers have under their belly. :)

  • AA

    Abdulwahab Abutaleb

    4 months ago #

    Thanks Pedro