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Page speed of a site increases its CTR but can it affect a site directly as a ranking factor. Please check out my site. https://www.wstatus.xyz

  • IV

    Iain Venn

    5 months ago #

    Google has been evaluating web page loading times for years now and does use the data as part of it's SERPs algorithm. But there is other factors that are far more important, including relevant quality content. The website link provided doesn't appear to offer that.

  • AS

    Aaron Starc

    5 months ago #

    It is basically one of the most important things if you want your site to rank in top and want to have traffic on your site.

  • AS

    Arsalan Sajid

    5 months ago #

    See, Page Load Speed is an very important SEO and Google Ranking Factor.

    If your page load speed is SLOW then make some changes and optimize your website to gain some good loading speed and it should remain constant.

    if your content is good but your website is not loading fast then the user will Switch to your competitor’s website and that is a BAD INDICATOR for your website’ SEO

    Google will also stop ranking your website because it will check that no one is opening the website due to SLOW LOADING SPEED.

    so improve the website loading speed by removing

    1 - unnecessary codes

    2 - faulty website theme

    3 - spam design

    4 - heavy themes

    5 - free themes

    6 - heavy CSS

    7 - lengthy content

    8 -heavy images and videos

    9 - remove useless plugins

    10 - remove unnecessary addons and integrations