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We have started a new office in Canada. And for that, we have created a new Canada-specific website for our app development agency. The website is still under development. But, I do have some concerns before we successfully launch it. If you can help me with anything, please share your knowledge and experience.

Questions where I need your help

1. We currently do mention Space-O Technologies on our website. And, we are also using the same phrase on our Canada website. Also, there are some common numbers and testimonials we are using on both of the websites. Does that signal Google that its duplicate content? If so, how can I protect from getting penalized?

2. We usually focus on content marketing for growth. If I want to target a particular country for the same, what SEO strategy do you think I should look out? Here’s what I’m planning to get the traffic and business from Canada: participating in the local forums, local business listing, Google map optimization, planning and creating industry-specific content. Am I missing anything important here? If so, I’d like to learn from you.

3. What suggestions, precautions, and growth hacks would you advice me when working on the country-specific website?

Thank you very much in advance.