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I'm using Boost Convert https://apps.shopify.com/boost-convert to display my sales pop-up and countdown timer and stock countdown. What else can I get? My store is at https://dailybest.store/

  • BT

    Boostflow Team

    about 1 year ago #

    Every app has an unique purpose. Therefore, if you want to find some apps, you will have to find your purposes first. Always ask “why?” before choosing anything.

    Purposes, also have multiple kind of purpose. You might need to make sure each purpose must cover an aspect of your store and enhance that part. Let’s break down into categories:

    1. Sales and promotion

    This is the main driver of your sales, which improve the purchasing flow and increase your store’s customer experience.

    My suggestion to this category:

    Boost Convert https://apps.shopify.com/boost-convert
    SiteKit https://apps.shopify.com/getsitekit

    2.Store optimization

    This aspect aims to improve your customer experience on your store via various useful, friendly yet simple features.

    My suggestion to this category:

    Happy Email https://beeketing.com/happy-email
    Referral Candy https://apps.shopify.com/referralcandy


    Promotion is always a part of marketing. It would be awesome if your marketing effort can be executed automatically. This categories will help you do that.

    Sixads https://apps.shopify.com/referralcandy
    Retargetapp https://apps.shopify.com/retargetapp-facebook-retargeting

    4.Product Sourcing

    These apps will lend you a hand to manage your product sourcing or help to provide/fulfill the product themselves.

    Oberlo https://apps.shopify.com/oberlo
    SPocket https://apps.shopify.com/spocket

    5.Customer Service

    This covers both pre-sale and post-sale customer support. It aims to create a friendly communicating environment between sellers and buyers. Thus, it has to work directly with the customers, directly affect the customer experience.

    On the other hand, customer experience is one of the most crucial factors in growing an online store. Therefore, it’s not wise to mess with customer support nor their experience. Pick a great customer support channel and make sure it works incredibly.

    My suggestion will go to Facebook chat as it a very friendly, easy-to-use channel:

    Quick Facebook Chat https://beeketing.com/quick-facebook-chat
    Aftership https://apps.shopify.com/aftership

    For more information, you can find a list full of notable apps here: https://blog.boostflow.com/24-best-shopify-apps-to-boost-sales/. Most of them are free, therefore you can make use of it right away without a penny.

  • AG

    antoine goret

    about 1 year ago #

    Regarding your objectives:

    Sales & marketing

    Google Adwords: https://adwords.google.com/
    Facebook Ads : https://facebook.com/ads/


    Hotjar: https://www.hotjar.com

    Website conversion rate

    Crisp: https://crisp.chat/livechat/ (which owns a Shopify plugin too)

    Customer support

    Crisp: Multi-channel customer support platform, refer to the link beneath.

  • ED

    Eugine Dychko

    8 months ago #

    I looked through your site and it seems that there is some inconsistent information. Now, I see that you have only 11 products available in your store. But the first thing your potential customer sees on the site is that you have over 97,000 happy customers. This seems a bit untrue and may cause distrust among your site visitors.
    First I want to advise you to optimize your home page. You may change your main message for customers. For example, you can write about the fact that there are only the latest and most technological novelties at the best prices in your store. Or something like that, but let the focus be on the benefit for a customer.

    The next point is what a customer sees on the first screen. Now there is a large banner with your happy customers. But you can show the most popular products, new items or great deals there. Better yet, display on the banner the very first message that a visitor sees. Reinforce your message visually with a product, so it will be accepted much better.

    I saw that you show an offer with a discount on the first purchase at the footer. I think it may be improved as well. Make it more visible even to those who may not scroll to the end of the page. You can add a pop-up message with this special offer, for example, you can install a Sales Pop up - Social Proof app https://apps.shopify.com/recent-sales-popup-notifications-1. It is free and easy to configure for different user behavior scenarios.
    For your loyal customers, you can add a referral program. For example, you can create a custom campaign for free using Talkable Referrals https://apps.shopify.com/talkable-lite and offer a special bonus to both customers and their friends who come through a referral program.

    Add mailing list for different scenarios. Your email might be for those who left an abandoned basket, who registered, made their first purchase or participated in a referral program, who bought something only once, etc. All these users can get your attention. If they receive your offer on time and it is valuable, they are very likely to convert. There are tons of free apps for automated and personalized email newsletters. You might have a look at Thank You Email https://apps.shopify.com/email-with-love, MailerLite Email Marketing https://apps.shopify.com/mailerlite-email-marketing, Upsell by Email https://apps.shopify.com/upsell-by-email to name a few.

    Just start optimizing your marketing processes and then you will see what is missing. Write down all the touchpoints of your customers and your brand to improve everything that seems possible for you. There is always something to improve.

  • AM

    Alain Miguel

    7 months ago #

    I had a look at your store and it looks like it's come a long way. Congrats on all the progress.

    Most of the answers here touch on apps that are strongly recommended.

    I am just going to list a few additional resources here that you might find helpful:

    Best Apps for Brand New Stores -- https://www.codeinwp.com/blog/best-shopify-apps/

    Best Apps to Increase Sales -- https://optinmonster.com/best-shopify-apps-to-increase-sales-instantly/

    By the variety of products and categories in your catalog, it looks like you may be sourcing products from dropshippers. That's a great strategy, especially upon launch when you're still learning about the demand for certain products or niches you offer.

    I want to recommend Modalyst -- https://apps.shopify.com/modalyst -- in addition to Oberlo and Spocket which are mentioned here. Modalyst is similar to these apps, but different in the following ways. Modalyst also connects you to luxury brands and private label dropshipping suppliers. The Private Label suppliers is a new program that just launched. It's an awesome opportunity to sell products with our own branding on it.