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Growth Hacking Strategies

  • SK

    Sean Kirby

    5 months ago #

    Not only is "doing email marketing" very common, it's not a growth hack. It's not even a regular marketing strategy. It's a channel or a tactic.

    Growth hacking is about finding ways to get more users/customers as quickly and cost effectively as possible. While there are many different tactics to do this, all the best growth hacks boil down to one simple strategy: Use an existing asset/network/system/etc. to reach potential users that would be too expensive through traditional means.

    For example, Hotmail's viral loop (the link at the end of every email users sent inviting them to create their own accounts) utilized the product itself to grow exponentially. Each user brought in more users, who each brought in more users of their own.

    Airbnb's famous hack piggybacked off of Craigslist. Paypal was able to grow quickly by integrating with eBay.

    And Dropbox's two-sided referral program turned their existing users into an active salesforce for them, fueling their early growth.

    I hope that helps. Best of luck with the article.

  • SM

    Shubhrat Mishra

    5 months ago #

    there are a lot of growth hacking strategies,

    1) You can use Email Marketing,
    2) Competitor Analysis,
    3)Focus on targeted keywords,
    4) share your Links with all others,
    5)Do Paid campaigns to reach more.

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