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  • JA

    Justin Adelson

    5 months ago #

    Under most circumstances, if your mobile version of your website improves, your overall SEO should improve as well. Just make sure that you are following mobile SEO best practice (e.g. fast loading pages, all content fits in the window, etc.).

    Quick note: If you do notice a drop in organic traffic, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is a bad thing. If you are basing your SEO performance on organic traffic alone, there is a chance that your site has been optimizing for the wrong keywords and you are getting low-quality traffic. However, if you do change some of your headings to feature your target keywords and you see a drop in traffic, that could mean you are getting more high-quality traffic, which could lead to more profitable conversions.

    If you are making big changes to your website, I recommend using an on-site SEO tool like SEMRush's site audit so you can track how the changes on your mobile site affect your SEO.

    • BM

      Ben Maggioni

      5 months ago #

      Hi Justin, Thank you for your feedback. My website is colibritrader.com if you don't mind looking at it. I am talking with a few people that are good in mobile website development but wanted to get a third party opinion, too. I do trust growthhackers.com and that is why I posted this question here. Thank you once again and your feedback is more than welcome!