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Here's the case: I'd like to grow the pre-launch email list of GoudronBlanc, a T-shirt brand I started as a side-project 4 years ago. We recently got a bit of exposure thanks to high-profile customers and we're about to launch a new collection of V-neck and crew-neck T-shirts this summer. Before the launch happens, I'd like to grow the email list a little bit. The brand is originally from France, so our content marketing has been done in French so far. But we've recently validated that the market in the US and the UK would be interested in these types of high-quality, elegant T-shirts. What would you recommend that we do? Thanks! Guerric. Website (EN): https://goudronblanc.com/en/ Website (FR): https://goudronblanc.com/

  • JS

    Jasbir Singh

    over 3 years ago #

    I think having so many email subscription options may work adversely.

    To get more email addresses, you need to have a separate section for your upcoming collection (Right now things are scattered). On this separate section show the actual images of upcoming collection (crew neck) and support this section with some social proofs (testimonials and top CEO thing). This section should be somewhere in the middle of the page. Have two or three different boxes with different images & email subscription field and place these boxes on inner product description pages.

    If possible throw an offer (say..subscribe now and get 5% off on our upcoming collection).

    Good thing, you are coming up with new collection.
    Bad thing, it's hard to reach product description pages. The only way is by clicking the product images on the homepage.

    P.S. UX analysis is required.

  • MZ

    Michelle Zaporojets

    over 3 years ago #

    Try out these tips for increasing your email list! They might answer your question. goo.gl/bBTxR4

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