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Looking for growth ideas in this emerging area. Quite fascinating to see first iteration emerge, such as Botsify. New but it's never too early to discuss new growth possibilities.

  • RG

    Rish Gupta

    about 4 years ago #

    A lot of actions we do, are optimization functions - finding a flight ticket, fastest/cheapest way from A to B, shopping comparison.

    Once bots can be evolved to focus on this optimization problems with very little input, it can work. I do think bots chat interface is pretty blah! and I would rather have something that asks for fewer questions and gets context a lot more.

    • AL

      Arsene Lavaux

      about 4 years ago #

      Thanks for sharing Rish. We can expect apps like Cola (on App Store already and on Android) will start achieving this.

      Viv.ai is also a great angle to look at for that, too.